What to Do if There is Inclement Weather

Jan 11, 2024

What to Do if There is Inclement Weather

KINTO has locations in Southern California, Houston, and Dallas, Texas. We understand inclement weather and emergencies may affect your driving ability. We want to prepare you while in a KINTO car for such a situation.

At KINTO, we prioritize your safety above all. We strongly encourage you to stay updated with local news and weather and avoid driving in hazardous conditions. Your safety is not just our concern but also your responsibility.

If you cannot pick up a scheduled KINTO rental during inclement conditions or are in a reservation and unable to return it on time due to the weather, please remember that our customer support team is always ready to assist you. Reach out to us via text at 629-20-KINTO. We are available 24/7 to help you reschedule your pick-up or extend your rental period.

Roadside assistance is included in your rental rate if you have contacted us and need roadside assistance. Please be patient; our partners may be experiencing delays in meeting you. If you rent an electric vehicle in California, you will be responsible for the fee for emergency charging services, but our customer support team and Sparkcharge will work with you.

Also, to avoid any additional fees, please park your KINTO car safely to minimize the chance of damage.

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