Ready to Book Your First Reservation

Mar 03, 2022

Ready to Book Your First Reservation

You just received an email letting you know that your application has been approved. YAY! So, you may be asking, what is included in your rental. You will be happy to hear that insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, 24/7 customer assistance, and unlimited miles are all included in the KINTO rates.

How to Book Your First Rental

Open your KINTO Share app and reserve your first car by the hour, day, or week. You can reserve your car one week in advance. We have many locations conveniently located in Southern California,Dallas and Houston Texas. To learn more about our rates and fees check out this helpful article.

Pick up Your Car

With KINTO you don’t need to visit a pick-up counter or worry about adding another key to your keyring. Our vehicles are located at various lots without an attendant available, don’t worry we are just a text away if you have questions. Simply walk up to your reserved car and open your KINTO Share app, click the Check-in button, complete the check in process and start your drive. Your app will unlock/lock the car and start your car.

Extend Your Reservation

Extending your reservation is easy and can all be done in the app. All you need to do is click the Edit Reservation button to start the process.

If you are interested in extending your reservation, we recommend doing so within the first 48 hours of starting your reservation. This will be the only way we can guarantee you can keep your car before we open it for other customers to reserve upon your return.

Driving for Uber and Delivery Services

The gig economy can be tough, and we truly believe in supporting our customers as they attempt to earn while driving for delivery services and Uber. If you want to learn more about how easy it is to connect your KINTO car to Uber, click here. If you are interested in driving for delivery services and want to know what services are approved, visit this helpful article.

What if You Need Help?

We have an FAQ section in our KINTO app, just click the question mark icon on the top right. Also, our customer service team is available 24/7 text us at 629-20-KINTO or email us at If you need the car registration paperwork or insurance card, they are readily available in a folder in the glovebox. If you are unfortunately in an accident, learn more about our detailed Accident Process to help relieve some of the stresses you may feel.

Time to Return the Car

When time is up to return your car at the scheduled drop-off time there are a few steps to help you through the in-app process.

– Make sure you have enough time to fuel the car up to FULL before you return it

– Return the vehicle to the same parking lot you picked it up from at any KINTO parking spot

– It’s important to be a great KINTO community member and that includes cleaning up the inside of the car, please discard anything you and your passengers could have left behind.

– Roll up the windows and lock up the car using the KINTO app.

Review this article on returning the vehicle to learn more.

Love KINTO, then Let’s Reward You

Refer a friend or family member and you both earn $25 in KINTO credits. Share your 9-digit referral code located in the Account section of your app. Once they sign up using your code and (pending application approval) drive 25 hours through our hourly program, three days through our weekly program, or one week through our weekly program, you and your friend will each receive $25 in KINTO driving credits.

Email us at or text us at 629-20-KINTO if you have any questions.

We hope you are just as excited as we are to have you join the KINTO family, as always, we look forward to your feedback. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details and updates. #kintoshare

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