KINTO is Now Offering Electric Cars for Gig Workers

Apr 01, 2024

KINTO is Now Offering Electric Cars for Gig Workers

KINTO customers have shown an interest in exploring electric vehicles for their gig work. They may not be ready to purchase an EV, but renting one for Uber or delivery driving to test the waters is a good move. We are pleased to expand our KINTO fleet offering by adding the all-electric Toyota bZ4X. We understand that it can be intimidating to try something new when, as a gig worker, it’s essential to keep costs down and spend as much time on the road earning as possible.

Many first-time EV drivers have had experiences where they feel unprepared at pick-up, including not knowing how to charge that car, what additional fees they could be responsible for, and vehicle details. We support our KINTO customers by creating the mandatory bZ4X eLearning session, which gives customers all the information they need for their first EV reservation.

KINTO offers the bZ4X at various locations within the Southern California area for only $299 a week plus tax. We have a variety of 2023 bZ4Xs in XLE and Limited, both FWD and AWD. Unfortunately, you cannot select the trim and model you would prefer. If you plan on driving for Uber, the bZ is eligible for Comfort Electric.

What’s Included
– Level 1 charging cable that you can use for home charging. The cable will be located in the car’s cargo area.
– At the time of pick-up, the vehicle will have a minimum of 150 miles of range
1,750 miles are allowed weekly with an overage fee of $0.25 per additional mile.


Eligibility Requirements
– Completion of the bZ4X eLearning session
– Maintaining a minimum Uber driver rating of 4.85
– Completion at least 150 trips for Uber
– No current KINTO account suspension

If you meet the requirements and complete the bZ4X eLearning session, we will email you to inform you that we have updated your account, and you will have access to the bZ fleet in the KINTO app.


To be successful as a gig worker driving an EV, we have learned from our customers who keep returning to the bZ that it’s essential to be prepared for your day of gig work, download apps that contain public charging station locations and availability and understand the costs and time required to charge the EV.

If you are not ready to switch to all-electric vehicles, our fleet includes hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars. Learn more about our electrified fleet with flexible options.

If you have more questions, explore our EV FAQs, text us at (629) 20-KINTO, or email us at

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