Vehicle Return Process

Nov 09, 2023

Vehicle Return Process

You must return the vehicle to the same lot you pick-up the vehicle from and follow the hours of operation at the location. The vehicle must be returned with a full tank of fuel or 150 miles of range if it is an electric vehicle, clean without any trash or debris, interior or exterior damage, and odor-less. 


Upon returning the vehicle complete the KINTO app process by clicking the “End Reservation” button. Please make sure you have collected all of your personal belongings. Once you have exited the vehicle with the windows up, doors closed and locked you will be asked to take photos of the vehicle’s exterior and confirm that the vehicle return requirements have been completed. 


You must also lock the vehicle upon exit utilizing the KINTO app. If the doors have not locked and your reservation has ended, be sure to text us at (629) 20-KINTO so that we can ensure that the vehicle is secured.


If you do not complete these tasks, you will be responsible for the following fees:

Leaving vehicle dirty $50

Missing parking pass (applicable locations) $100

Missing or damaged telematics unit $550

Missing or damaged dashboard camera $750

Missing or damaged level one charging cable $850

Missing or damaged toll tag $50

Vehicle returned with low fuel (>50% but not full)  $70

Vehicle returned with low fuel (<50%)  $150

Failure to properly secure the car  $50

Electric vehicles returned with less than 150 miles of range but greater than 100 miles of range $70

Electric vehicle returned with less than 100 miles of range $150


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