Selfie Image Requirement

Nov 09, 2023

Selfie Image Requirement

During the application process, we request a selfie check, requiring you to upload a photo of yourself with your driver’s license. The image must be clear as this is necessary to confirm that the applicant is the same individual as in the driver’s license. 



The app will prompt you to take your selfie photo holding your drivers license. An acceptable photo should have the following elements:

  • No hats or sunglasses (eyeglasses and religious garments are accepted)
  • Full face and top of shoulders
  • Good lighting
  • Not blurry
  • Only one person in the picture
  • Face is centered in the frame 
  • Drivers license is clear and visible



Suppose the image is unacceptable due to the driver’s license not being shown, the same individual is not on the license, or the photo is blurry; we will contact you by email asking you to retake and upload the image to the KINTO app. 


See the image below for how to take an acceptable selfie successfully. 

Selfie Check Article Image.png

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