Regenerative Braking Boost Mode

Nov 09, 2023

Regenerative Braking Boost Mode

The unique driving experience of bZ4X comes from how it harnesses and delivers electric power. By optimizing the force used on the acceleration pedal, you can easily tap into bZ4X’s power. When you’re not on the accelerator, regenerative braking will recapture lost energy while coasting and help slow you down.


Regenerative Braking Boost Mode, allows the convenience of accelerating and decelerating with just one pedal. Press down on the pedal to accelerate and let go to decelerate.


When you’re not depressing the accelerator, the vehicle will continually slow down to 5 mph. For your safety, it is necessary to apply the brake pedal to come to a complete stop. Using the brake pedal may also be essential to slow down more quickly.


If you’d like to turn off Boost Mode, hit the Boost Mode button again, and the indicator will turn off on the MID.



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