End Your Reservation On the App

Nov 10, 2023

End Your Reservation On the App

Simply use the “End Reservation” button in your app to complete your reservation. Please make sure that you’ve gathered your belongings and are outside of the vehicle with the windows up, doors closed and locked. As always, the vehicle should be returned clean, full tank of gas and at its home location.

Photos Required

You must take a photo of the fuel reading on the vehicle display showing the fuel as full as part of the vehicle return process. You will also be required to upload four photos of the exterior at various angles. The check-out process on your app will walk you through the steps. Your images must be clear. Otherwise, you could be at risk of being charged penalties.

Lock Vehicle

Please make sure that the vehicle is locked before leaving the vehicle. If the doors have not locked and your reservation has ended, be sure to text us at (629) 20-KINTO so that we can ensure that the vehicle is secured.

Not securing the vehicle properly, returning with less than a full tank and/or dirty can result in additional penalties. 

  • Leaving vehicle dirty $50
  • Vehicle returned with low fuel (>50% but not full)  $70
  • Vehicle returned with low fuel (<50%)  $150
  • Failure to properly secure the car  $50
  • Electric vehicles returned with less than 150 miles of range but greater than 100 miles of range $70
  • Electric vehicle returned with less than 100 miles of range $150

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