Nov 09, 2023


At the time of pick-up, if the vehicle’s interior or exterior is dirty and/or has an odor, report the issue text our KINTO customer support team at 629-20-KINTO or email us at


Before returning the vehicle, ensure the vehicle is clean and in the same condition it was in at time of pick-up. Please check the entire vehicle, including the back seat and remove trash and debris from the vehicle. Leaving trash in the KINTO parking lot is prohibited. If you anticipate a problem with cleaning the vehicle, please contact KINTO ahead of time. You will be charged a cleaning fee if you return the vehicle in violation of this policy.


If there are cleaning emergencies that make the vehicle unusable, please contact KINTO immediately and we can help you handle the situation. If significant cleaning by a professional is required, you may be assessed a cleaning fee. In cases that involve the actions of a rideshare passenger, you may qualify for reimbursement from your on-demand service provider.


Smoking in a vehicle is strictly prohibited. You are responsible for ensuring that no one smokes in the vehicle while it is in your possession. If you return a vehicle that smells like smoke, you will be assessed a fee. 


Please review our Terms of Service for our complete list of fees.


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