bZ4X Charge Frequency

Nov 09, 2023

bZ4X Charge Frequency

We recommend charging as often as needed to maintain a sufficient charge for your anticipated trips, considering available charging methods at your destinations.


Depending on the type of charger, we recommend charging to certain limits to maintain long-term battery health.


  • AC (Level 1 and Level 2): Go ahead and charge to 100%. Once your charge reaches 100%, it will stop charging to help preserve the battery.
  • DC Fast Charging (Level 3): We recommend charging to 80% to achieve the maximum benefit of the quick charging speed. It is possible to charge to 100% with this method, but the charging rate will slow down tremendously once it reaches 80% to help preserve the battery. To help maintain long-term battery health, DC Fast Charging should be limited to two cycles of charging (Low Light to 80%) per day.

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