Air Conditioning and Radio Usage While Charging

Nov 09, 2023

Air Conditioning and Radio Usage While Charging

Sometimes you would like to sit in the vehicle while charging it in public; ideally, using the air conditioning and the radio will add comfort.


You can do both when you turn the power switch on while charging. The vehicle has a My Room mode setting that will automatically display on the multi-informational display.


Select yes to use the A/C or the radio while charging. When DC charging is complete, My Room will automatically turn off. In addition, the multi-information display will also show how much power is charging vs discharging. A is power discharging, and B is power charging. The arrow on the screen changes depending on the power supply and electricity consumption.


Please note if you are discharging more than charging, the amount of time to charge the vehicle will increase. Also, you may hear a sound from the radio, don’t be alarmed, as that can occur due to radio waves.



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