Accident/Damage Investigation

Nov 09, 2023

Accident/Damage Investigation

Once you report the damages and/or an accident to KINTO, we begin an investigation and file the appropriate claims with the insurance carriers involved. There is no specific timeframe for how long an investigation will take. The timeframe depends on the steps KINTO must take, claim process time, repairs or auction processes, customers’ response time, police report and involvement if applicable, involved parties’ insurer response time, and subrogation process if appropriate.

  • If the damages are not severe, KINTO will send the vehicle to a collision repair facility for a repair estimate. If an insurer has accepted liability for the damages, we will work with that insurer to resolve the damages and claim. If another insurer has not accepted liability for the damages, we will move forward with repairs to the vehicle. Once repairs are complete and we have resolved the damages, but there is an insurer who has now accepted liability for those damages, we will send a subrogation package to that insurer requesting payment for those damages. Once KINTO receives compensation for damages, KINTO may refund the damage fee applied to your account.
  • If the damage to the KINTO vehicle is severe, we will send the car to a salvage auction facility. If another carrier has accepted liability, we will work with that insurer to reach an agreed-upon settlement for that vehicle. Once we complete the claim process and KINTO has received payment for the car, we may refund the damage fee to your account.
  • If the customer is found liable for damages, the damage fee will not be credited, and will be required to pay the $1,000 damage fee.

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