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If you application approval is taking longer than 10 business days, some common issues we’ve seen that can delay the application process are:

  • Applicants have lived in a county that does not have an automated background check process.
  • Applicants have lived in more than one county over the past few years.
  • Applicants’ Uber application is pending and/or not approved
  • Applicants have omitted the documentation requested at the confirmation stage of the KINTO registration process.
  • Applicants have not yet confirmed their email address or mobile phone number.
  • Your selfie check photo was not clear, or driver’s license was not in photo

Action Items

Check your email inbox associated with your KINTO account to confirm what issues must be resolved to complete the application process. If you are driving for Uber, check the status of your Uber application directly with their customer support. 

Your application fee is used to pay for the cost of the background check, so unfortunately there are no refunds for the application fees.

If you have reviewed the eligibility requirements and you do not feel that you would not pass the background check, we recommend that you do not proceed with your application, submit payment, or authorize a background check.

All KINTO customers must be approved prior to reserving a vehicle. Application approvals typically take 1-3 days but can take up to 3-5 days. To begin the application process, download the KINTO app and complete the application information requested which includes your contact information, social security number, driver’s license information, selfie photo with your driver’s license, and Uber account information (if utilizing the vehicle for Uber). We will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, except in a few circumstances listed in the KINTO Privacy Policy.


You will be asked to authorize a background check and pay a non-refundable $25 application fee that goes to the cost of that check.  Once you are approved, we will grant you access to our fleet of vehicles, and you will receive $25 in driving credits in your KINTO wallet. 


KINTO does not store any personal credit card or social security information, and we work with PCI-compliant partners to ensure that your information is transmitted securely. 


KINTO does not request your social security number for a credit check. Credit checks are not processed or required to rent a car from KINTO. We only collect this information as part of the mandatory background check. Review the Application Process article for more details. 



To rent vehicles from KINTO, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:  

  • Drivers must be at least 21 years old 
  • Drivers must be able to legally drive in the state of use with an active in-state license 
  • No more than two moving violations in the past three years (ex. accidents, traffic light violations) 
  • No more than two cell phone or distracted driving violations in past three years
  • No more than one moving violation and one accident in the past three years
  • No more than two accidents in the past three years
  • No major moving violations in the past three years (ex. driving on a suspended license, reckless driving)
  • No DUI or other drug-related driving violations in the past seven years
  • No more than three total violations in the past three years
  • No criminal convictions

KINTO is a contactless carsharing service that offers hybrid, electric, and fuel-efficient Toyota vehicles. Customers can utilize KINTO cars when driving for Uber, approved delivery services, and for personal use. Currently KINTO is available throughout Southern California, Temecula, Santa Barbara, Napa California, and Dallas and Houston, Texas area. 


KINTO is seamless and easy to use without needing to visit a car rental pick-up counter. Everything is done on the KINTO app including applying to rent, reserving your vehicle, the pick-up process, unlocking/locking and starting the vehicle. 

Refer a friend or family member, and you both earn $25 in KINTO driving credits. Share your 9-digit referral code located in the “Account” section of your app. Once they sign up using your code (pending application approval) and complete three reservations, you and your friend/family member will each receive $25 in KINTO driving credits.


If you or your friend/family member did not receive the driving credits per the rules of the referral program, email us at support@kinto-us.com so we can resolve your concern.

During the application process, we request a selfie check, requiring you to upload a photo of yourself with your driver’s license. The image must be clear as this is necessary to confirm that the applicant is the same individual as in the driver’s license. 



The app will prompt you to take your selfie photo holding your drivers license. An acceptable photo should have the following elements:

  • No hats or sunglasses (eyeglasses and religious garments are accepted)
  • Full face and top of shoulders
  • Good lighting
  • Not blurry
  • Only one person in the picture
  • Face is centered in the frame 
  • Drivers license is clear and visible



Suppose the image is unacceptable due to the driver’s license not being shown, the same individual is not on the license, or the photo is blurry; we will contact you by email asking you to retake and upload the image to the KINTO app. 


See the image below for how to take an acceptable selfie successfully. 

Selfie Check Article Image.png