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Sometimes you would like to sit in the vehicle while charging it in public; ideally, using the air conditioning and the radio will add comfort.


You can do both when you turn the power switch on while charging. The vehicle has a My Room mode setting that will automatically display on the multi-informational display.


Select yes to use the A/C or the radio while charging. When DC charging is complete, My Room will automatically turn off. In addition, the multi-information display will also show how much power is charging vs discharging. A is power discharging, and B is power charging. The arrow on the screen changes depending on the power supply and electricity consumption.


Please note if you are discharging more than charging, the amount of time to charge the vehicle will increase. Also, you may hear a sound from the radio, don’t be alarmed, as that can occur due to radio waves.



We recommend charging as often as needed to maintain a sufficient charge for your anticipated trips, considering available charging methods at your destinations.


Depending on the type of charger, we recommend charging to certain limits to maintain long-term battery health.


  • AC (Level 1 and Level 2): Go ahead and charge to 100%. Once your charge reaches 100%, it will stop charging to help preserve the battery.
  • DC Fast Charging (Level 3): We recommend charging to 80% to achieve the maximum benefit of the quick charging speed. It is possible to charge to 100% with this method, but the charging rate will slow down tremendously once it reaches 80% to help preserve the battery. To help maintain long-term battery health, DC Fast Charging should be limited to two cycles of charging (Low Light to 80%) per day.

The bZ4X program is available to KINTO customers who meet the following criteria: 

  • KINTO customer account is active
  • Maintain a minimum Uber driver rating of 4.85 and has completed a minimum of 150 trips with Uber 
  • No previous or current KINTO suspensions
  • Must complete the bZ4X eLearning session prior to reserving their first EV vehicle. 


If you were previously sent an email from KINTO inviting you rent the bZ4X, but you do not meet the Uber requirement, please text us at (629) 20-KINTO or email us at info@kinto-us.com and we can review your account. 

On a full charge, the EPA-estimated range rating depends on the powertrain and grade:

XLE FWD: 252 miles
XLE AWD: 228 miles
Limited FWD: 242 miles
Limited AWD: 222 miles

Use the above ratings for comparison purposes only. Actual driving range will vary depending on how/where you drive, charging habits, HVAC/accessory use, outside temperature and other factors. Battery capacity also decreases over the life of the vehicle, which will reduce range. See www.fueleconomy.gov and Owner’s Manual for details.

The bZ4X will be parked in a standard KINTO parking space and not at a charger. The vehicle will have a range of at least 150 miles at pickup time. If the mileage range is not at least 150 miles, please text us at (629) 20-KINTO and send a photo to customer support so we can address the issue.

Participating Locations:

  • Chinatown Private Lot
  • Claremont Toyota
  • Culver City Private Lot (Blackwelder St)
  • Hollywood Private Lot
  • Hyatt Long Beach
  • Keyes Toyota (Van Nuys)
  • Longo Toyota (El Monte)
  • Manhattan Beach Toyota
  • Norwalk Auto Auction
  • Panorama Mall 
  • Santa Monica Private Lot (Lincoln)
  • South Coast Toyota (Costa Mesa)
  • Toyota Place (Garden Grove)
  • Toyota of San Bernardino

As with all KINTO rental vehicles, you must return to the car clean, on time, and to the original pick-up location. With the all-electric bZ4X, you must return it with a minimum charge range of 150 miles.


If you return the bZ4X with less than 149 miles of range but equal to or more than 100 miles of range, we will charge you a $70 fee.


If you return the bZ4X with less than 100 miles of range, we will charge you a $150 fee.

Rotary Shifter: To switch to N, hold down the dial shift and hold it for a while.
To switch to R or D, hold down the dial shift and turn left or right according to the arrow on the shift position indicator. Release the rotary shifter after each shifting operation to allow it to return to its regular position.               

P Position Switch: Fully stop the vehicle and press the P position switch. When the shift position is changed to P, the switch will illuminate.


Low Charge Fee

Customers must return the bZ4X with a minimum range of 150 miles. If not, you will be responsible for the following fees:

$70: 100-149 mile range

$150: less than 100 mile range


Missing/Damaged Charging Cable

The customer must return the non-damaged charging cable to the vehicle cargo area, if not they will be responsible for the $850 Missing or Damaged Charging Cable fee.


Customer Requested Emergency Charge

If the customer request an emergency charge and our partner Sparkcharge is dispatched for the service the customer will be charged the $100 fee.


Charging a Toyota bZ4X is similar to filling up a gasoline vehicle. Insert the connector into the car; there will be a click sound, and the indicator light above the inlet will be green.

The charging process may vary slightly, as there are different types of charging equipment and power sources that you may use.

  • KINTO provides a Level 1 charging cable to plug into a standard 120-volt wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord with the Level 1 charger cable.
  • Level 2 charging operates at 240 volts, similar to Level 1 charging. To charge with a level 2, utilize the top inlet.
  • Level 3 charging, also known as DC Fast Charging, will utilize the lower inlet. Note that DC Fast Charging should be limited to two daily charging cycles (Low Light to 80%).
  • Level 2 and 3 chargers are available in public areas and can be found in ChargePoint and EVgo apps.

For more information on charging the bZ4X, please review our Charging video. bz_charging__.png


The expected mileage range remaining can be located on the right side of the Multi-Information Display (MID). As on other Toyota vehicles, this figure is an estimate determined by your driving habits and may not accurately predict actual range if your driving pattern changes.


KINTO offers the 2023 Toyota bZ4X in Limited and XLE models in our electric vehicle fleet. Customers will be unable to select grade preferences, and at this time, selected KINTO customers are invited to participate in our EV program.

While we hope that does not happen to you, our KINTO customer support team can confirm what type of assistance is available depending on the time of day and your location.


If you require an emergency charge 7am-7pm PST in Sparkcharge’s servicing area, our customer support team will work with you to dispatch their team to your location. The additional fee will be $100 and you will receive 7kwh/25 miles of range. Traditionally Sparkcharge has up to 90 minutes to reach you. Support will not be available on freeways and freeway on ramps.


If your request is submitted outside of Sparkcharge’s hours of operation or outside their participating area, KINTO Customer Support will have the vehicle towed back to the KINTO home location.

In optimal conditions, it can take the following amount of time to charge the bZ4X:

  • Level 1 charging (at 12A): Going from Low Light to 100% can take 50 hours, which results in an average charging rate of 4miles/hour. *
  • Level 2 charging (at 32A): Going from Low Light to 100% can take 9.5 hours, which results in an average charging rate of 20 miles/hour. *
  • Level 3/DC Fast Charging in ideal conditions: In AWD models, going from Low Light to 80% can take 1 hour, * which results in an average charging rate of 3 miles/minute. * In FWD models, going from Low Light to 80% in ideal conditions can take 30 minutes, which results in an average charging rate of 6 miles/minute. **

* Actual range attainable per minute/hour of charging will vary significantly depending on speed, outside temperature, accessory use, how/where you drive, battery condition and other factors.
** DC charging time will vary based on weather and other factors. DC charging times will increase significantly as temperatures decrease below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with considerably longer increases possible at temperatures below freezing. DC Fast Charging should be limited to two sessions per day, regardless of the weather. After two 10-80% charge sessions [and depending on your vehicle grade], DC Fast Charging over the next day may take longer and be less effective. Accessory use, battery level and condition, and charger specifications also can negatively affect charging times.

The driving range may decrease significantly depending on speed, outside temperature, HVAC/accessory use, how/where you drive, charging habits and other factors. Battery capacity also decreases over the life of the vehicle, which will reduce range.

With every bZ4X rental, a Level 1 charging cable will be supplied and located in the cargo area. The charging cable is for home use only; plug it directly into a 120V AC outlet and never use an extension cord with it.

Upon picking up the vehicle, we recommend the customer check the cargo area to confirm it is in the car. If not, text our customer support at (629) 20-KINTO immediately. If you do not return the cable or return it damaged, we will charge you a $850 fee.

It is also an excellent recommendation to take a photo of the cable in the cargo area upon return.



The charge inlet door is located on the driver’s-side front quarter panel.


The unique driving experience of bZ4X comes from how it harnesses and delivers electric power. By optimizing the force used on the acceleration pedal, you can easily tap into bZ4X’s power. When you’re not on the accelerator, regenerative braking will recapture lost energy while coasting and help slow you down.


Regenerative Braking Boost Mode, allows the convenience of accelerating and decelerating with just one pedal. Press down on the pedal to accelerate and let go to decelerate.


When you’re not depressing the accelerator, the vehicle will continually slow down to 5 mph. For your safety, it is necessary to apply the brake pedal to come to a complete stop. Using the brake pedal may also be essential to slow down more quickly.


If you’d like to turn off Boost Mode, hit the Boost Mode button again, and the indicator will turn off on the MID.



The Tesla charging network is not compatible with the Toyota bZ4X.

If the charger does not unlock from the car when you have completed charging, ensure you have completed all processes required to end the charge on the Level 2 or 3 public charger display. If that does not resolve the issue, most likely, the auto lock connector preferences have been set. Enter the vehicle through the driver’s side door and lock and unlock the car using the controls on the door. The charger should then open.

To reset the preference, use the screen and select Settings > Charging > Connector Lock > Off.