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Only the individual who rents the vehicle from KINTO may drive the vehicle during the reservation.  

If an unauthorized driver drives a KINTO vehicle the individual who rented the car will be required to pay a $250 fee plus suspension from our KINTO service.

Many KINTO vehicles are outfitted with dashcams. We may use dashcam data, to the extent permitted by law, to assist in the investigation and defense of any vehicle accident claims and to promote safe driving behaviors by our drivers. 

If you attempt to remove, damage, or uninstall the camera in the vehicle, you will be charged a fee of up to $750, depending on the cost of the repair or replacement. 

KINTO vehicles are not allowed outside of the United States.  The vehicle may not be taken into Mexico or Canada.  

Your safety remains our top priority. Please monitor your local news ad weather closely and do not drive in unsafe conditions. If you cannot pick up a scheduled KINTO rental during inclement conditions or are in a reservation and unable to return it on time due to the weather, please contact our customer support team via text at 629-20-KINTO. They are available 24/7 to help you reschedule your pick-up or extend your rental period.


If you require roadside assistance, please be patient; our partners may be experiencing delays in meeting you.


Also, to avoid any additional fees, please park your KINTO car safely to minimize the chance of damage.

If one of the warning lights comes on, the vehicle appears to be having a mechanical issue, or you observe a flat tire, text us at (629) 20-KINTO immediately. Our agents will work with you to take appropriate action, including having the vehicle towed by our roadside assistance partners.

If roadside assistance is required, you are responsible for staying with the vehicle until the issue has been resolved or otherwise arranged with KINTO. If you abandon the car while waiting for roadside assistance, you may be liable for additional incurred costs.

For weekly reservations starting on and after November 1, 2023, we limit a customer’s miles to 1,400 miles weekly with an overage fee of $0.25 per additional mile. KINTO will calculate the miles driven after your reservation ends.


Effective April 1, 2024, Electric Vehicles will have a mileage limit of 1,750 miles a week with an overage fee of $0.25 per additional mile. 

We are not responsible for and loss or damage to any personal property in or around and vehicle or at the KINTO location. 

If you left something in the vehicle you rented, please email our customer support team immediately at info@kinto-us.com and we will work with the location to potentially retrieve it. We are unable to guarantee retrieval. 

Due to allergies and sanitary concerns, pets with the exception of service animals are only allowed in locked pet carriers while in our vehicles. 

You must return the vehicle by the end of your reservation and constantly communicate with our customer support team to explain your situation. If you stop sharing with us or refuse to return the vehicle, we will consider the car stolen and take action to recover the vehicle. You will be responsible for fees associated with your activities, and we will suspend you from the KINTO program.

KINTO offers 24-hour emergency assistance. Occasionally something may occur, and your KINTO vehicle may need immediate attention. If you need help, please text us immediately at (629) 20-KINTO, and one of our agents will dispatch roadside assistance.

If roadside assistance is required, you are responsible for staying with the vehicle until the issue has been resolved or otherwise arranged with KINTO. If you abandon the car while waiting for roadside assistance, you may be liable for additional incurred costs.

Smoking is not allowed in KINTO vehicles. The no smoking policy covers the use of, but is not limited to, any tobacco or tobacco-related products, marijuana or marijuana substitutes, e-cigarettes, or personal vaporizers.  


KINTO prohibits drivers and their passengers from smoking in any KINTO vehicle. Passengers may not smoke in any vehicle, even if they believe the host or a previous guest may have done so. 

If the vehicle is returned with evidence of smoking, such as a strong odor, ashes, etc. you will be charged the following fees:

Smoking in the Vehicle


Leaving vehicle interior dirty and/or with odor


Professional detailing required (such as, but not limited to, smoke odor or stained interior)



In Texas, toll tags are issued and installed in all KINTO vehicles.

In California, we are working to add toll tags to our fleet of KINTO vehicles.


If the vehicle you rented has a toll tag, you may drive on toll roads knowing that we will charge you for the tolls completed during your reservation. You are unable to use your toll account for KINTO vehicles. 


If you remove or damage the toll tag, you will be responsible for a $50 fee. 


If the vehicle does not have a toll tag and you drive on a toll road during your reservation, we will charge you for the toll and a processing fee. The tollway authority office sends their notification through the mail, and it will take time for us to receive the information, process the payment to the office, and charge you for the amount of the toll plus the fee. You may not receive an invoice for the charges up to 60 days from when your reservation ends.

If you receive a traffic citation while using a KINTO vehicle, you must pay it promptly. We will pay the amount due and the processing fee if we receive the citation. Your credit or debit card on file will be charged immediately for the citation. Please be aware that notification to KINTO is by mail, then processing is manual. We request your patience as you may not receive invoicing of the fine and fee up to 180 days after your reservation has completed. 

If you are having issues with the app and vehicle connecting, causing you to be unable to drive the car, here are some steps to get you back on the road. 

  1. Confirm that your installed KINTO app is the latest version.
  2. Confirm that your Bluetooth is on. For iOS users, the Bluetooth must be on in the app and your phone settings.
  3. Refresh your KINTO app.
  4. Completely close the app and restart the KINTO app. 
  5. Delete, re-install, and log in to the KINTO app. 
  6. If you have completed steps 1-5 and are still having issues, text us at (629) 20-KINTO, and one of our customer support agents can assist you.

We understand it can be alarming to walk out to your vehicle and notice it is gone; stay calm and text us immediately at (629) 20-KINTO. Our customer support team will help determine the next steps, which will include contacting the police department and completing all necessary paperwork required. Please document the circumstances surrounding the theft and any suspicious activity you may have observed.

Please be mindful when parking to observe all parking signs and applicable laws. If the vehicle will need towing during your reservation, please text us at (629)20-KINTO immediately. You will be responsible for any costs of returning the car to the KINTO lot.