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Getting into an accident while driving a car you have rented can be stressful, and you may be full of questions. We are here to equip you with all the information you need just in case an accident occurs while you are in a KINTO car. Please follow this procedure: 

1. Make sure you are okay and in a safe place.

2. If there are injuries, call 911.

3. Call the police, and request a police report.

4. Text us at (629) 205-4686 to let us know you have been in an accident, and we will call you back on your cell phone. Our customer service agents are available 24/7.

5. Take pictures of the other party’s driver’s license, vehicle license plate, insurance card, registration, and vehicle damage.

6. Take photos of the damage to your vehicle.

7. Get the other party’s phone number, email address, and mailing address.

8. The other party will need your car insurance and registration. These will be in the glove box of your KINTO car.

9. If the car is drivable, drive it directly back to the lot you picked it up from. If the vehicle is not drivable, text us at (629) 205-4686, and we will help you get roadside assistance.

10. If you were driving for Uber or a delivery service when the accident occurred, contact them to begin their claim process.

Next Steps

Upon returning the vehicle to our custody, your credit/debit card on file will be charged $1,000 for the deductible/damages fee, and we will suspend your account while we investigate the accident. You cannot rent another KINTO car until we clear you from any wrongdoing. We ask for your patience, as timeframes vary depending on the other party’s insurance carrier(s) involved and your follow-up required. Once completed, KINTO will inform you of your financial responsibility; if it equals less than $1,000, we will appropriately credit your account.

Once you report the damages and/or an accident to KINTO, we begin an investigation and file the appropriate claims with the insurance carriers involved. There is no specific timeframe for how long an investigation will take. The timeframe depends on the steps KINTO must take, claim process time, repairs or auction processes, customers’ response time, police report and involvement if applicable, involved parties’ insurer response time, and subrogation process if appropriate.

  • If the damages are not severe, KINTO will send the vehicle to a collision repair facility for a repair estimate. If an insurer has accepted liability for the damages, we will work with that insurer to resolve the damages and claim. If another insurer has not accepted liability for the damages, we will move forward with repairs to the vehicle. Once repairs are complete and we have resolved the damages, but there is an insurer who has now accepted liability for those damages, we will send a subrogation package to that insurer requesting payment for those damages. Once KINTO receives compensation for damages, KINTO may refund the damage fee applied to your account.
  • If the damage to the KINTO vehicle is severe, we will send the car to a salvage auction facility. If another carrier has accepted liability, we will work with that insurer to reach an agreed-upon settlement for that vehicle. Once we complete the claim process and KINTO has received payment for the car, we may refund the damage fee to your account.
  • If the customer is found liable for damages, the damage fee will not be credited, and will be required to pay the $1,000 damage fee.

Once you are involved in an accident or damage claim, we will suspend your KINTO account, and you will be unable to rent a KINTO vehicle. Once the investigation is complete and the claim is closed, KINTO will review your reinstatement.

Reinstatement of your account is at KINTO’s sole discretion, and we will not reinstate your account if you fail to pay the amount due on your account, including the damage fee, you fail to cooperate with the investigation and/or violate the following restrictions:

  • Smoking in KINTO vehicles
  • Traveling with pets in the vehicle, except for service animals in locked pet carriers
  • Driving by anyone who is not a valid KINTO customer in good standing.
  • Driving for purposes other than personal transportation or on-demand work with approved rideshare, ride-hail, or delivery companies.
  • Renting a KINTO car for any illegal purpose or in any unlawful manner
  • Towing, pushing, or propelling any trailer or any other vehicle.
  • Driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance
  • Racing, testing, or competing in a KINTO vehicle.
  • Driving in a careless, reckless, or negligent manner
  • Obtaining the vehicle by fraud or misrepresentation
  • Driving on unpaved roads
  • Loading the vehicle beyond its rated capacity or with more passengers than the vehicle has seat belts.
  • Driving outside of the United States

Suppose you have damaged the vehicle during your rental period. In that case, you are responsible for immediately contacting our customer support team by emailing us at support@kinto-us.com or texting us at (629) 20-KINTO. We ask that you submit photos of the damage and a description of what occurred. 

When a customer returns a KINTO vehicle, an assigned Point of Contact inspects the vehicle. The Point of Contact is looking for cleanliness, maintenance/servicing required, confirmation that the vehicle was returned with the fuel level to full or charge range to 150 miles (EV only), as well as for exterior and interior damage. 

If the vehicle is returned with damage, we will charge your credit/debit card on file $1,000 for the potential deductible/damages fee, and your account will be suspended. At the same time, we investigate and repair the damage. You will be unable to rent another KINTO car until you are cleared. If the damage repair is less than $1,000, KINTO will refund you the remaining portion. 

If the KINTO vehicle you rented is damaged or in an accident, your credit/debit card on file will be charged $1,000 for the deductible/damage fee, and an investigation will begin.

Below are the responses to our most frequently asked questions surrounding the $1,000 deductible/damage fee:

  • Why was a $1,000 deductible/damage fee applied to my account and charged to my credit/debit card?

In the event of a collision or other incident requiring additional investigation, we will charge you $1,000 at the start of the investigation process. At that time, we will temporarily suspend your account pending investigation. The damage fee will be applied to your account when you are involved in an accident that damages the vehicle, third parties, or third-party property.

  • What is a damage fee applied to?

A damage fee may apply but is not limited to dents, scratches, flat tires, windshield cracks, dead batteries, engine problems, vandalism, theft, or other Company or partner property, third-party damages, and sometimes third-party personal injuries.

  • If I was involved in a hit-and-run accident that wasn’t my fault; why must I pay a $1,000 deductible/damage fee?

If KINTO is unable to recover the cost of damages to the vehicle while it was in your possession, you will be required to pay the $1,000 deductible/damage fee.

  • Why must I pay a $1,000 deductible/damage fee when I was involved in an accident that was not my fault?

KINTO will charge the customer who rented the vehicle $1,000 at the start of the investigation. If another party is liable for damages, once that party’s insurer covers the damages to the KINTO vehicle, the investigation and claim process is complete, and you may have the remainder of the deductible/damage fee credited to your account.

Damages are repaired directly by the other person’s carrier. Once the repairs are completed and the vehicle is back in KINTO’s custody, we will credit you the deductible/damage fee.

The other person’s carrier does not handle the damage and KINTO must repair the vehicle.  Once the repairs and subrogation process is complete, KINTO has received payment for all damages from the other carrier, then the damage fee will be credited to your account.

  • What if the damages to the KINTO vehicle are under the $1,000 deductible/damage fee?

Once KINTO repairs the vehicle and if the cost is under $1,000, we will refund you any remaining balance from the damage fee. You will still be required to pay that amount then we will reinstate your account.

If you are in an accident or a traffic stop, you could be asked for proof of vehicle registration and vehicle insurance coverage. Both documents will be in the vehicle’s glovebox in a blue folder clearly labeled. If the documentation is not in the car, text us at (629) 20-KINTO.  

Vehicle insurance coverage is included in your KINTO rental. We provide liability insurance, which covers damages up to $30,000 in bodily injury per person, $60,000 in bodily injury in each accident, and $25,000 in property damage in each accident in the event of an at-fault accident. This vehicle insurance does not cover your medical expenses in the event of an accident. To ensure you are covered in this situation, please consult your medical policy and/or personal auto insurance policy.

In instances where you are operating the vehicle illegally (suspended license, under the influence, etc.), in a manner not allowed by these Terms of Service, with deliberate intent on damaging the vehicle, or negligently, you will bear the full cost of damage to cars on the KINTO service as well as any damage to third parties not covered by the vehicle’s insurance policy.

If you are involved in an incident with a vehicle, we will charge you a $1,000 deductible; upon completing the accident investigation and repair, the damage fee of up to $1,000 may apply. Please review the Accident Procedure article for more information.