What does Kinto mean?

In Japanese, 'Kinto-un' means 'flying nimbus' – a magic cloud that appears when summoned and transports the rider wherever they want to go.

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We look forward to making your experience with KINTO magical.

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Brand Promise

Simple & Smart Mobility: that's KINTO

In the future, different forms of transport will no longer be disconnected and disjointed. KINTO will offer one seamless, inclusive solution that everyone can rely on. A joined-up experience of multi-modal transport and payment, from carpooling to car-sharing and flexible car subscriptions, for all needs, all abilities and all demographics ‐ across all types of journeys. We are starting here with KINTO Share, gives you the freedom of an efficient Hybrid without the ownership costs.

Why Choose KINTO

Not your "typical" carshare program

Pick up vehicles from flexible locations: Toyota dealerships, hotels, private lots, and more.

No waiting in lines, make reservations on the KINTO mobile app.

Customer support and roadside assistance is available 24/7 through text and email.

Drive for Uber and delivery services at your convenience with weekly or hourly rentals.

If you need a car for a couple of hours to run an errand or feel like taking a drive around town.


KINTO is located in Texas and California.

KINTO is available in four locations within Texas and California. In Texas you can find us within the Dallas Fort-Worth area, and Houston. In California you can find us in Los Angeles, and North California.

Our Happy Customers

Why drivers choose KINTO

The KINTO experience is a game changer for our drivers.


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